What is Inflammation in the Body?

There is one major disease process that causes the sneezing, wheezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes of allergies.

There is one major disease process that causes the aching, stiffness, and degeneration of arthritic joints.

There is one major disease process that causes the spread of cancer beyond the original tumour, the pains that precede women's menstrual periods, the accumulation of fluid bloating belly fat, the gum disease that loosens teeth, and even the resistance of depression to antidepressant medications. That disease process is inflammation.

Inflammation is not just a process that causes redness, soreness, sensitivity, and pain. It is the driving force behind any kind of disease that is described as an -itis, and inflammatory processes (or an unhealthy lack of them) are involved in every kind of pathology that leads to disease.

Fighting inflammation is fundamental to good health, but as many experts fail to understand, it is actually possible to have too little inflammation. It is not a common condition, but some unfortunate individuals have taken the advice of the peddlers of nutritional supplements so literally that they actually have developed shortages of the pro-inflammatory factors that activate the immune system to fight infection and activate the clotting process to stop excessive bleeding.

Inflammation is not an inherently evil part of human physiology. It is a necessary part of human self-defense that is overactivated by modern diets and modern life. Getting the right amount of inflammation is fundamental to good health.

Just how common are diseases caused by inflammation? In the United States alone:

Acute vs Chronic Inflammation

Acute inflammation is something we all need to survive. Acute, short-term inflammation fights infection, stops bleeding, or gives us the energy to face danger. Chronic inflammation, on the other hand, gradually wears down healthy tissues or short-circuits healthy processes, causing chronic disease.

We'll look at fighting excessive, chronic inflammation in two different ways. First we will look at what you can do to fight inflammation with simple changes in your diet. These changes take some planning, and some willpower, but they don't cost you any money.

Then we will look at a limited number of supplements that help your body inflammation in ways that go beyond what diet, and even medication, can do for you. Here is a brief and easy quiz to determine if you are at risk for any of the conditions that are caused by inflammation.

Inflammation and Fats

Here are some questions about your exposure to food that are high in the kinds of fats that cause inflammation. Just answer each question yes or no.

If you answer yes to more than one question—or if you indulge in all of these foods just once a week—then your diet is increasing the likelihood you will develop one of the diseases caused by inflammation.

Diet and Inflammation in the Body

Here are some questions about your diet at home that assess your risk of inflammation. Again, just answer each question yes or no.

Again, answering yes to any of these questions is an indication that you have heightened risk for the diseases of inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Inflammation?

Now let's consider symptoms of inflammation that may not yet be full-fledged diseases. Answer these questions yes or no.

Medications Used for Inflammation

Answering yes to these questions also indicates that inflammation may be a problem. Now let's consider medications that treat inflammation. Do you take:

What Diseases are Caused by Inflammation

Regular use of these drugs is an absolute indication of inflammation. Finally, let's take a very brief look at your medical history. Have you ever been diagnosed with or do you now have any of the following conditions?

These are not, of course, the only health problems that are caused by inflammation. But they are the easiest health problems to address by a combination of fighting inflammation and other sensible and natural health practices. These are the health problems for which you will find reversal protocols later on this website.

The fact is, most people in the modern world suffer from inflammation. The good news about inflammation is that it is usually treatable, and the most important interventions don't require you to buy anything or to see any expert. Let's start with a look at inflammation and diet.

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