Some Interesting Barley Soup Recipes

There are a wide number of barley soup recipes, obviously indicating how widely used they are. Barley soup is one of the most common forms by which you can add barley right into your everyday diet.

As barley is whole grain, you should expect that it may take time for it to cook. Cooking barley involves at least a few hours. However, most barley soup recipes are set-and-cook, meaning that you can add in all ingredients then leave it cooking while you go to work or rest for the night. Below are some barley soup recipe suggestions:

Beef Barley Soup Recipe

Beef barley soup recipes come in various varieties, and you can add in vegetables to make it even more nutritious. Here is one recipe for beef barley soup that you can try:

Vegetable Barley Soup

You can imagine how much more nutrient rich a vegetable soup is if it is loaded with barley. Here is a barley recipe you can try: