Medicinal Herbs

Heal Yourself with Alternative Medicine

Medicinal herbs are nature's healing gift to human kind. Herbs have been used medicinally throughout history by almost all the cultures of our world. But with the growth of mainstream medicine over the last 200 years, we have lost our deep connection with herbal remedies and we have lost the healthful balance that is the natural result of being in harmony with nature.

Before we delve into a consideration of some medicinal herbs, let's have a brief look at today's conventional answers to health problems, which may help enlighten the path to herbal health choices.

The Role of Conventional Medicine in a Healthy Life

Conventional or traditional medicine has an illness-based approach to health - we rarely visit a physician to simply be healthier. We only attend our doctor's surgery when we have symptoms of some kind, and not if we simply wish to improve and optimize our health.

So, unfortunately, today's standard medical approach is not health centered. While it undoubtedly has highly complex technologic tools for diagnosing the health problems, and a multitude of synthetic chemical compounds to battle with disease symptoms, it nevertheless, it has little help to offer is in reaching optimum health.

Taking a Holistic View with Medicinal Herbs

Herbal medicine treats the human body in a holistic way, and does not approach each part of the body in isolation. Illness is the result of an imbalance in the whole person, and unlike in standard medicine, all the various parts of a medicinal herb are used in treating the person, illustrating again the holistic nature of this approach. This approach does not focus on illness alone; rather the goal is to create optimum health, and well-being and to prevent disease from developing.

Is There Any Potential Danger in Using Herbs?

Many health experts warn us about the potential dangers to our health of herbal medicines, pointing out that natural does not mean "safe". This is, of course, very true.

Natural does not mean that we can use any medicinal herb indiscriminately. We must respect the efficacy of these substances as we would any prescription medication. Natural simply means that, when used wisely, these herbs will work on human body in a harmonious way. They have the natural ability to help the body to heal illnesses and prevent possible diseases by strengthening the body's own healing power.

We need the introduction of some basic usage guidelines for herbs and herbal supplement products in order to eliminate any risk. While we might generally say that herbal medicines are safer than conventional drugs, we should still guard against any potential pitfalls by using these products wisely.

Using Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Supplement Products

When you introduce herbs into your life, you can use them in their natural form or as an herbal mixture. You can also promote your health by choosing herbal supplements products.

Using medicinal herbs in any form will be beneficial to your health. And while neither nutritional nor herbal supplements can replace the nutritional benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet, nutritional supplements that include herbal extracts, used as a part of a healthy lifestyle can bring you one step closer to reaching optimum health.

It is vital to be cautious about choosing nutritional/herbal supplement products. As studies show, many herbal and nutritional supplement products do not contain the active ingredients they claim on the label. Worse, they might also contain other harmful substances that will be detrimental to your health.

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