Your Guide to Mineral Supplements

Do We Really Need Mineral Supplements?

Minerals are the invisible ingredients that play a vital role in almost every reaction that takes places within the billions of cells in our body. Their functions range from enabling enzymes to activating chemical reactions, and from building good bone structure to promoting healthy brain functions.

Since the body cannot manufacture minerals itself, we have to ingest minerals from the food we eat. The problem begins here, as today the soil does not contain the essential minerals it once did.

Recent studies have illustrated this clearly, and also shown the effects this has on our health.

This means that even if you consume a diet rich in fresh fruits, veggies and meat, your health is still at risk due to one or more vitamin and mineral deficiencies. A mineral deficiency can be even more detrimental to health than a lack of vitamins, as vitamins themselves cannot function without the aid of minerals.

Choosing Mineral Supplements Wisely

Here are some guidelines for selecting a quality mineral supplement:

Choose mineral supplements wisely to help maintain an optimum health level for today and in the future.

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