Why Choose Xtend-Life Natural Products?

For the longest time, I have been promoting and recommending Xtend-life natural products through this website. You might probably wonder why I have chosen Xtend-life over all the rest of the natural products out there.

I have done various intensive research and reviews in the natural products market. I have discovered the ins and outs of this industry. As you may already know, I have discovered that there are various multi-vitamin supplements and they all vary in terms of its effectiveness, quality, and price.

Xtend-life has proved to be one of the few in the market which focuses on the right formulations based on superior science. It is by far the only one I saw whose claims are backed up by quantitative scientific data.

Throughout my research, I have discovered various truths about natural products that many people never really get the chance to know about. I believe that you have the right to know as much as I do, so I would like to discuss these truths with you shortly.

The Unfortunate Truth

Unfortunately, a large majority of the multi-vitamin supplements in the market today have been put together and are being marketed by unqualified marketers or even physicians. Many people prefer these kinds of supplements because they come cheap. But the question of whether these natural products really work or not is highly debatable.

I would like to move on by discussing the three major differences that Xtend-life natural products has over most other health supplements today.

Xtend-life: "We manufacture our own supplements!"

If you visit your health store, you will notice how there is an overwhelming number of supplement brands out in the market.

It will surprise you to know that most of these company brands hire contract manufacturers to make their products for them, and then put the corresponding brand name on the label.

This should not be a problem if the contract manufacturer produces quality supplements based on high grade raw ingredients. However, in this setting, the supplement marketer does not really have direct control over them.

These companies outsource manufacturing mostly because they want to focus on the marketing aspect. They also have the ability to sell products cheap as they save up on manufacturing costs. But this set-up compromises their control of ingredient sourcing and quality assurance.

In fairness to supplement brands and contract manufacturers, there are some who can offer excellent quality multi-vitamins. However, we generally can't pinpoint which one is which, and we don't have access to the information to find out for ourselves.

Xtend-life on the other hand manufactures their own supplements using high quality raw ingredients. While their natural products generally do not come as cheap as other supplements, Xtend-life natural products can assure excellent results. Never compromise your health by choosing a cheaper supplement that doesn't even come close to giving you better health.

Xtend-Life's Scientific Formulations

I'm quite sure most natural product brands will tell you that their supplements have been especially formulated to suit your health needs. This goes without saying that the company which produced the supplement has their own bio-chemists and specialists who have what it takes to come up with these formulations.

However, what about those that have contract manufacturers who formulate for them? Also, there are some brands that are being marketed under the name of famous doctors, but how sure are you that these doctors have the neutraceutical and pharmaceutical background necessary? Note that though medical doctors and physicians have general knowledge about nutrition, but this is hardly ever enough.

Xtend-Life's famous torch bearer, Dr. Munem is one of the few individuals who have the most comprehensive grasp of this subject area. Dr. Munem's knowledge in nutrition goes deeper into the molecular level as he has done various research studies to discover how nutrients interact with each other in the body.

This is a kind of knowledge that is something that physicians and general practitioners lack. Though contract manufacturers may most likely have their own set of health professionals, it may be impossible to tell which one offers the best formulation.

Price Cost: Why the Difference?

What sets Xtend-life natural products above all else is that their primary aim is not to market or sell, but to provide people with an edge to better health. Of course, for practicality reasons, a health business can only persist for as long as there are profits.

However, unlike most product brands which focus mostly on the marketing, Xtend-Life is driven not towards profits. Instead, the company gives more emphasis on giving people the better quality of life that each one of us deserves.

Xtend-Life natural products only use high quality ingredients which go through a complicated process of research and formulation tests. Cheaper brands do not provide quality ingredients or good research to back-up their formulations, so they can afford to sell their products at rock bottom prices. If you were to make a good health choice, which one would be wiser?

Knowing Your Supplement Brand and Company

At this point, I would like to further emphasize the importance of knowing your supplement brand very well. Comprehensive knowledge about the supplement company is needed if you want to be assured of its quality and effectiveness.

Start with the Label

You can start by looking at the label outside the bottle. It should provide you with the name of the company, the address, contact numbers where you can reach them and their website and/or email address. The label should also contain the ingredients, the nutrients and amount contained.

Labels are excellent tools if you want to compare similar products and see if you are getting the value for your money. You can look through the amounts of each nutrient in a more expensive brand and see whether it compares to the amounts in a less expensive one. In relation to the ingredients, the actual price may sometimes be actually cheaper. Try this on your next visit to your favourite health store

Do they have a detailed label or website?

A supplement brand should not only provide you with a list of nutrients contained in their site. They should also provide you with a detailed label or other extra information about the nutrients contained for each product.

Do They Answer Questions with Care and on Time?

A reliable supplement company should be very accommodating to provide you with quick answers to your inquiries. You should not settle for replies that are standard and robotic, such as auto-responders.

What you want is a supplement brand which will give you a personalized answer to all your questions. It should make you feel as if you are only buying from a brand that is just around the corner, even if they are actually based in a country at the other side of the world.

Xtend-life natural products are one of the very few health companies which regard your inquiries with care and concern. You can try out their customer support for yourself and see how different it is from the others.

Do They have a Website?

A reliable supplement brand should have a health website. What is written on their website should give you an idea on the company you are dealing with.

It is through their website that you find out more about the company, their idea of health, their current approaches to health and other pertinent information. Their website should give you a positive feeling that the supplement brand actually is interested in offering better health and not just earning profits.

I am pretty sure that you would want a supplement brand that can provide a more personal touch towards good health. Xtend-life natural products are one of the few who provides this. You can visit their website now to see the difference.

Do They Offer You Additional Information?

Most health supplement companies now offer blogs and newsletters. Through these channels, you can know more about the company you are dealing with.

However, the quality and the content contained in these newsletters or blog sites can make all the difference. The interest that the company has to provide you important health information should be beyond supplementation alone.

You can easily see the big difference between a newsletter that provides generic, not-so-useful information, and one that provides good, personal and more informative ones. An example of the latter is Xtend-Life natural products newsletter which provides comprehensive health information.

I recommend you check out the Xtend-life newsletter archieves. It is not just for those who are interested in supplements, but to those who want to have better health as a whole.

What you will find most unique about Xtend-life newsletter is that you hardly see sales tactics on the move in their issues. It contains most practical advice and excellent, updates information to help you make the right health choices.

A reputable company should also provide you valuable information which tackle the most important health concerns today. It should both focus on supplementation and also provide good advice and tips what will be worth reading.

A Report

Xtend-life currently provides a special report about how to choose a quality fish oil supplement . I recommend you to read it as you will learn a lot of information from this one.

Now that you are equipped with the right tools to get to know your health company better, why not make the right choice this time?

Go for Xtend-Life natural products and never have to look back.