A Natural Cholesterol Remedy

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Treatments

You can reduce high cholesterol levels naturally, and more importantly, restore

the body's natural cholesterol balance, which is essential to good health. This is how natural treatment methods differ from medical drug treatments.

There are two common forms of cholesterol. HDL is the "good" one and the LDL is the one that we all know as "bad".

We can easily make the mistake of labelling all cholesterol as "bad", but we must remember that it is an essential part of every cell in our bodies.

Your brain and nerves need cholesterol for proper functioning, and it plays an important part in manufacturing your sex hormones.

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Where does cholesterol come from? There are actually two main sources of cholesterol. Diet is the first, but only about 15% of the cholesterol in our

bodies comes from our diet. Our liver and the cells in our intestines and elsewhere in our bodies make the rest.

When the liver makes cholesterol, LDL carries it through the bloodstream to all our body tissues. HDL plays the "garbage collector " role - it

collects the unused extra cholesterol, and carries it back to liver.

When the Good Turns Bad

As we can see from this pattern of cholesterol cycling in the body, LDL plays a vital role as the cholesterol transporter . So when does cholesterol become a problem? If there is too much cholesterol for the HDL to remove (or if there is not enough HDL in our bodies), excessive LDL may produce plaque in our arteries, which can lead to heart problems.

Natural Cholesterol Remedies Without Side Effects

Do medical drugs solve the high cholesterol problem or do they treat the symptom of high cholesterol? One of the most widely used drugs, called statins,

reduce the production of cholesterol by blocking an enzyme that is necessary for the manufacture of cholesterol.

Although LDL levels drop with the use of these drugs, the blocking of a natural bodily function can cause many side effects and have a detrimental effect on

the body's inner balance, by depleting the body's Co-Enzyme Q10 reserves , a necessary substance for maintaining heart muscle.

You can naturally lower high cholesterol without these types of side effects and, at the same time, increase your HDL cholesterol, and improve your

overall health.

Natural Cholesterol Reducers

Your Natural Cholesterol Lowering Formula

You can control your cholesterol level by using these natural remedies but it is not always easy to find a high quality product formula that includes these

ingredients. So take your time to investigate the available options as your high cholesterol levels and your heart and health depend on your choice.

Here are a few things to look for when buying cholesterol-lowering supplements: