Vitamin E Benefits for Men - Vitamin E Helps Men Build Muscle and Enhances Male Fertility

Vitamin E benefits for men are greatest in improving athletic ability and in increasing a man's chances of becoming a father. In both cases, vitamin E boosts male health by preventing free radical damage.

Popping a vitamin E pill want grown muscles without exercise and it won't make a man automatically virile. But over the long run, vitamin E is extremely valuable because of what it prevents.

Vitamin E for athletic prowess. Vitamin E is well known as a supplement for elite athletes.

But most men don't spend six weeks trekking across the Himalayas, ride in the Tour d' France, or even work out until we drop. Vitamin E has benefits for amateur athletes, too.

Vitamin E won't substitute for exercise. But it will help exercise do a man's body more good. It will prevent excessive aches and pains from weightlifting, encourage muscle growth (assuming there is a rest day between workouts for each muscle group), and keep the immune system in healthy balance, neither too weak nor too strong.

Vitamin E can compensate for lower fertility. Similarly, vitamin E is not a wonder drug for male infertility. If for some reason a man has no sperm production at all, vitamin E will not restore it. But if a man has low sperm counts, vitamin E may help his sperm reach their destination so he and his partner may become parents.

Sperm store fructose sugar for their journey from the cervix to the fallopian tubes where one sperm will fertilize the egg. Burning fructose generates so many free radicals that many sperm cells literally become bloated and distorted, so "out of shape" that the tail of the sperm cannot propel them forward. In some cases, the tail of the sperm disappears.

Taking vitamin E helps the sperm survive the trip to the egg. In an Israeli study, taking just 200 IU of vitamin E every day for two months increased the chances of fatherhood of men who had low sperm counts by nearly 50 per cent. Of course, couples seeking to conceive a child should also pay close attention to timing intercourse to match the female partner's window of fertility. (Visit Vitamin E and Fertility for more information)

Exercise and reproduction are the areas in which vitamin E is of special benefit to men. The best supplement program for men involves a balance of 200 IU of d-alpha-tocopheryl succinate and 200 mg of mixed tocotrienols. This is also a great foundation for acquiring all the benefits of vitamin E against cancer, diabetes, and heart disease, which are enjoyed by both men and women.

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