Vitamin E Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Face

Vitamin E oil is one of the least expensive remedies for some of the most important nagging cosmetic problems. Unlike other cosmeceuticals, vitamin E oil is anti-inflammatory, so you can't go wrong with vitamin E.

Vitamin E oil benefits for skin. Using a product that is non-inflammatory is especially important if your skin has lots of gold, brown, or black tones. There is an old saying in skin care textbooks that is very important for people with darker skin: Inflammation causes pigmentation.

Anything that inflames darker skin, which has more pigment-making melanocytes, is likely to leave permanent dark marks. This is because the melanocytes' pigment is an antioxidant used by the skin to stop inflammation. Using a harsh chemical product on the skin can leave lifelong reminders.

Vitamin E oil, however, doesn't inflame. It moisturizes the skin, leaving it softer and more flexible. It may not be all you need for your wrinkles and fine lines to fade away, but it will help your skin recover from the exfoliants you use to lift and separate the dead skin that keeps wrinkles tight.

Vitamin E oil benefits for hair. For hair problems, as for skin problems, vitamin E oil is helpful, although not a panacea. A light application of vitamin E oil after drying your hair will help with split ends and brittle hair. Vitamin E shampoos don't usually do a lot of good because you wash off the vitamin E as soon as you put it on.

One application of vitamin E oil, however, can be very helpful for your hair. That's when you are using minoxidil to regrow hair. Vitamin E activates minoxidil to stimulate hair growth. You could get a formulation of minoxidil with added E from a compounding pharmacist, or you could just apply a light touch of vitamin E oil directly to your scalp after the minoxidil dries.

Vitamin E oil benefits for your face. The most common application of vitamin E oil is fighting facial wrinkles. Vitamin E cream benefits are especially important for women and men who have darker skin tones.

You are more likely to find products that combine vitamin E with vitamin C, but you may get the best results from products that combine vitamin E with vitamin B. The B vitamins correct problems related to excessive nerve stimulation of the skin such as rosacea, while the vitamin E hydrates the skin and helps wrinkles smooth out.

Vitamin E is never a complete cosmeceutical solution. It's always just a part of a skin care routine that includes cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and infection control, and it's always just part of a skin care routine that nourishes your hair from the roots out. But the addition of even a simple vitamin E acetate cream or lotion can provide anti-inflammatory benefits for your skin, hair, and face that make all the other products you use just a little more successful with longer-lasting results.