The Benefits Of Vitamin B1. Take Control Of Your Health Today

Take Control Of Your Health Today

Before looking at the benefits of Vitamin B1 it is important to understand what Vitamin B1 is and

where it comes from.

Vitamin B1 otherwise known as thiamine is available from both natural and synthetic sources. Some of these natural sources include baked potatoes, orange juice, raisins, beef kidneys, flour, whole grain, beans, peanuts, and rice.

The benefits of vitamin B1 include keeping the bodies mucous membranes healthy, maintaining normal function of the nervous system, heart, and muscles. Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin B1 is a member of the B-complex vitamin family and it is today known as thiamin or thiamine.

Vitamin B1 is not only the first of the B vitamins discovered but is also one of the first substances to be identified as a vitamin. As with other B vitamins, vitamin B1 should be consumed on a daily basis as it is not stored by the body.

Key benefits of vitamin B1

Possible Medical Uses For Vitamin B1

Other Benefits of Vitamin B1

Maximizing the Benefits of Vitamin B1

In order to maximize the benefits of vitamin B1 it is advisable to incorporate this vitamin into your everyday diet and to take it with other B vitamins such as vitamin B2 and B6 as part of a complete formula. Vitamin B1 and B6 become more effective when they are given the chance to work synergistically together.

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