What is Lyo-Spheric Vitamin C?

There is no tool of nutritional healing that is better known than vitamin C. This nutrient is essential for the body to make the collagen that forms the framework for skin, muscles, vital organs, and bone. It plays a role in regulating blood pressure, blood sugar, and appetite.

In lower doses, it fights allergies and asthma. In higher doses, it fights infections and cancer. The problem, however, is that getting higher doses of vitamin C when you need them used to require taking lots and lots vitamin C capsules, so many that your digestive tract literally can't break them all down. That's where lyo-spheric vitamin C is the innovation you need.

Why You Need Lyo-Spheric Vitamin C

Vitamin C capsules combine the vitamin with a binding agent, usually magnesium stearate. This mineral has a consistency a little like talcum powder, which makes it much easier for high-speed machines to make millions of capsules in a quick daily run. The magnesium stearate isn't all that good for your body.

Many forms of magnesium, like of Milk of Magnesia, cause diarrhea. If you have diarrhea, your body is not going to absorb vitamins! And the drying agents and waxes on the pill to keep the vitamin C inside from reacting to the atmosphere are not good for your body, either.

Some companies tried making a liquid vitamin C stored in a bottle. The very first dose of liquid vitamin C will be full strength. But the air in the bottle after your open it contaminated the vitamin C in the liquid.

Lyo-Spheric Vitamin C is a Better Way

Lyo-Spheric Vitamin C is a packaged powder you add to a beverage. Since it's a dry product sealed in a package, the full vitamin potency is just waiting for your use. And since you add it to a beverage, your digestive tract does not have to deal with all the magnesium stearate, wax, and coloring agents needed to make capsules.

Lyo-spheric vitamin C is a liposome form of vitamin C that your body can absorb easily and keep in circulation, but it's also a drinkable form of vitamin C that passes into your lower digestive tract quickly. There are no binders, fillers, dyes, gelatins, flavorings, or sugar. There are no animal products used to make capsules, because there are no capsules!

There is just a combination of a substance called phosphatidylcholine with vitamin C. The addition of phosphatidylcholine is very important. This compound is the building block for healthy cell membranes.

Sick cells that have been damaged by infection, or by free radicals released during the process of inflammation, grab the phosphatidylcholine they need to repair themselves with the lyo-spheric vitamin C flows by them in the bloodstream. They get the "cement" they need to rebuild their defenses along with vitamin C for antioxidant health.

If you take vitamin C for your heart, for your joints, or just to make sure you don't catch colds and flu, lyo-sphere vitamin C is the best form of vitamin C for you. Every packet gives you a combination of not just one but two 1,000-mg doses of the two nutrients your body needs most for ongoing antioxidant protection.

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